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ThingsIX Mapper Lottery opened

· One min read

The lottery to get a ThingsIX Mapper assigned from the evaluation batch for EU868 is now open. It will stay open until 15-Februari-2023 13:00 (GMT+1), so there's no need to hurry. During this time anybody can buy a ticket at the price of 250 USDC (ERC20 on Polygon: 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174) by using their Polygon wallet.

The 250.0 USDC will be used to pay for the administration, packing and shipping of the ThingsIX Mappers. We use this lottery to ensure a fair distribution of the mappers and to avoid a hurdle. Based on the draw of the lottery you will either get a mapper shipped to you or you can get your USDC back.

For this first batch of ThingsIX Mappers we will include 1 gateway-onboarding, so we can ensure that those who receive a mapper at least can map their own first gateway and start receiving rewards. The first batch of mappers will be shipped at least 1 week before the launch of the rewards. These mappers will receive main-net $THIX rewards. Shipping for this batch is only to the countries of the EU.

Visit: to get your mapper ticket or see the documentation for more information.