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ThingsIX is planning to launch on the 12th of June

· 3 min read

Good news! We are planning to launch the rewards on the mainnet of ThingsIX on the 12th June at 09:00 CEST. This marks the next milestone in our go-live of the ThingsIX network. After the go-live onboarded gateways and mappers will receive $THIX rewards for their contributions to the network.

As ThingsIX runs on Polygon, to use ThingsIX you will need a software or hardware wallet with an account on Polygon and a few (<10) MATICs (the native coin of Polygon) to be able to do transactions on ThingsIX.

We will make sure that the ThingsIX Mappers that were allocated during the initial lottery are shipped out before the 2nd of June so the mappers have enough time to reach your destination. You will need a computer with Bluetooth LE 4.2 (or higher) support and a Chrome/Chromium browser in combination with your software/hardware wallet to register the mapper to your account to be able to use it. You can do this as soon as you will receive the mapper. Afterwards you can use your free gateway-onboard to onboard 1 gateway for free (max 1 free onboard per account).

Rewards are calculated per day, just after the day ended. So, the first day the rewards will be based on the mapping of those gateways that have been onboarded using the free onboards. Based on the first day of mapping rewards will be awarded to the accounts that have mappers that did mapping and accounts that have gateways that provided mapped coverage. These rewards can be used to onboard additional gateways to the network. Rewards need to be claimed from the ThingsIX dashboard.

Onboarding gateways costs 20 EUR in $THIX (5 EUR for adding the gateway, 15 EUR for setting/updating the location-details).

To allow others that don't have a mapper to onboard gateways too (or to onboard more gateways), the ThingsIX Foundation will initiate a THIX/USDC-pool on Uniswap will try to keep it well-funded with $THIX for a reasonable amount of time. This means that you can get USDC (On Polygon, not on Ethereum) from any source and swap (=exchange) it for $THIX to onboard gateways. The ThingsIX Foundation will initially fund the pool at a 1 USDC = 1 THIX and set the rate of the $THIX in the pricing-oracle accordingly.

We will update documentation in the coming days and weeks and provide daily updates on the latest steps of the progress and if we are able to meet the planned go-live date.