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ThingsIX Launched Third-Party-Mapper Program

· One min read

To facilitate the growth of the ThingsIX network, the availability of mappers is one of the critical factors. Not only such that enough mappers are available, but also to make sure that mappers are available for all different regions in the world.

Therefore, the ThingsIX Foundation has decided to launch the Third-Party-Mapper program. Using this program, we invite manufacturers that have a track-record in manufacturing LoRa-related devices to manufacture and sell ThingsIX Mappers.

The ThingsIX Foundation will ensure the security of the Third-Party-Mappers by reviewing the design and doing the actual provisioning of the software and key-material on the mappers.

Approved Third-Party-Mappers will be listed on our website: third-party-mappers. The ThingsIX Foundation will review the design but is not able to verify the credibility of a manufacturer. Do your own research before ordering a mapper.

For more information, see; third-party-mapper-program