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ThingsIX launches the distribution of the first batch of ThingsIX Mappers

· 2 min read

The ThingsIX Foundation will launch the first distribution of the first batch of 50 ThingsIX Mapper’s for the EU868 frequency plan on 1 February 2023. The ThingsIX Mapper is a special device that is used in the ThingsIX reward structure to verify coverage that gateways connected to ThingsIX provide. Both the mapping activity and the coverage provided by gateways will be rewarded in $THIX based on the measurement of these ThingsIX Mappers. This first batch is the first version of the mapper we distribute as evaluation kit for interested parties.

The distribution of the mappers will happen via a lottery smart contract where anybody gets a fair and equal chance to receive a ThingsIX Mapper. Anybody can buy a lottery ticket in this lottery for 250.0 USDC via a web-interface by connecting your favorite Polygon wallet during a 14-day period. We will use a verifiable blockchain-based random draw to select who will receive a ThingsIX Mapper. If you are not selected to receive a ThingsIX Mapper you can claim your 250.0 USDC back. The 250.0 USDC will be used to pay for the administration, packing and shipping of the ThingsIX Mappers. The ThingsIX Foundation will remain owner of the ThingsIX Mappers during the whole lifetime of all mappers. Terms and conditions apply and will be available before sale.

For this first batch of ThingsIX Mappers we will include 1 gateway onboarding, so we can ensure that those who receive a mapper at least can map their own first gateway and start receiving rewards. The first batch of mappers will be shipped at least 1 week before the launch of the rewards

While the ThingsIX Mapper for the EU868 frequency plan works in many countries outside of the European Union, we will only ship this first batch to countries within the EU due to laws and regulations. Later there will be batches for other regions.